Thursday, July 18, 2013

Family Vacation at Hyatt Regency Hill Country

Last week, we headed off for a short vacation with some friends and their children. From the moment we arrived at the main entrance of the Hyatt Regency Hill Country in San Antonio, I knew my expectations would be exceeded. It was totally decked out in Independence Day trim, and I LOVE patriotic holiday celebrating, from July 4 to Veterans Day.

They had me at bunting.


I really didn't know anything about the resort other than it had a lazy river and did s'mores and movies under the stars at the end of each day. Just that and a pool was good enough for us.

When we checked in, they provided us with a schedule of activities for each day. And as a matter of fact, at 7 PM that very evening, Betsy Ross was narrating story time in the lobby. (It was Independence Day week.) That was after the s'mores but before the movie (The Incredibles.)

After shimmying into our swim suits (and considering the baby I had four months ago, shimmying is probably an apt description for the tugging, pulling, and otherwise huffing and puffing I did to get into mine. I'm working on it.) we headed off to the water area.

I present to you: Things that are adorable, Exhibit A

We probably only swam around for an hour that day. It was overcast and during that crazy cold snap we had here in Texas. I think the high for the day was 88. I would never have guessed that in a million years when I booked this trip. About the time we got used to the cold water, it was time to jump out for s'mores. The girls building the fire in the s'more fire pit were definitely not girl scouts. It took forever. But it was worth it for the little guy's happiness!

Melting a marshmallow with Dad

That evening we grabbed supper at one of the resort's outdoor grills. It was perfectly passable for hotel food, and I had a delicious hand-squeezed cherry limeade. We lucked out and got rooms on the main floor of the hotel that were close to all the activities, so we ran back to the room to change into comfies for the movie.

We missed out on the hotel-provided blankets for the lawn, but I had actually packed one so no worries. This is one of the times when it paid off to be traveling with an infant: I pack everything under the sun.

Things that are adorable: Exhibit B.

The following day, the guys spent the entire morning floating and playing in the sand (there is a little beach), while the girls hung out riverside. Our kids are still nappers, so that's where we spent the second half of the day while our friends stayed and played.

We took it off property for supper at Mi Tierra in the San Antonio Mercado, a quick pass by the Alamo, and a short walk down the Riverwalk for dessert. Downtown San Antonio was about 20 minutes away, and we were right across the interstate from Sea World. Great location!

After another morning at the river area and the baby pool and OH, a Revolutionary War re-enactment/presentation, we checked out and headed back north to good old Cowtown.

This was a great first vacation as a family of four, and it was nice traveling with friends, as always! Jack loved being with the big kids. The Hyatt actually had a family package that we took advantage of, in order to be placed in adjoining rooms with them. We were able to socialize but also have privacy when we needed it. Two nights was a good stay length with children as young as ours.

I can't say enough good things about how wonderful this resort is for young families who want a little getaway. There are tons of children's activities and contests, plenty of shaded lounge chairs and pools for the fair skinned littles, and of course, the hospitality was wonderful.

Two thumbs up for the Hyatt Hill Country!

(I received no compensation for this post. Hyatt has no idea who I am!)


  1. I LOVE Jack's Toms! You look fantastic - and, baby girl is adorable! :)

    1. Thanks, Luanne! I know you're having so much fun with your little guy! I bet he's learning something new every day! We got our Toms on Zullily. They just had another sale, so Annabelle got a pair!

  2. Fun! There is nothing cuter than babies in bathing suits!

    1. Pink and ruffles: two of my favorite things!

  3. Exhibits A&B are certainly adorable! I absolutely love the Hyatt Hillcountry. Have you been to Hyatt Lost Pines? Y'all would love that too! Same concept...large pool, lazy river, s'mores, horseback riding, hiking, golf,'s divine. So glad y'all had so much fun!

    1. Thanks, Tiffany! I have heard Lost Pines was similar (and a little closer to us.) We will definitely be checking it out!

  4. Hyatt Hill COuntry knows who you are now!!! So thrilled to read your blogpost and am honored that you spent your holiday with us.

    We look forward to welcoming you back again.

    Melody Goeken
    director of public relations
    Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Melody! Y'all are giving people are great time!

  5. I haven't stayed there since having a baby, but it used to be one of my favorite go-away's in Texas. Can't wait to take little Georgia with us!


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