Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekending in September

Ladies' Luncheon centerpiece

Baby in a bowling alley

The Man playing whirlyball*

Baby sleeping during whirlyball

Church cookbook sales
There are 1000 recipes in this book!

We spent the weekend with church activities, from the Saturday morning Ladies' Lunch, to Sunday afternoon cookbook sales after church. Sandwiched between those rather grown-up ladylike events was a retreat with our high school seniors. The youngster was up rather late Saturday night but was still his smiling self the entire time. I can't even say that about myself half the time. He has just a wonderful disposition, and I am so thankful! We stayed at a nearby hotel for the retreat, and he had no problem adjusting to another bed, being fed sitting on a sidewalk while waiting for our tables to be ready, etc. He had fun playing with the girls and came home just talking up a storm about them.

{At least, that's what I think he was talking about.}

So this has me thinking, this parenting on the go thing. What is the weirdest place you've ever had to feed your kid?

*Whirlyball is a combination of lacrosse, bumpercars, and basketball, kinda. We do it as a teambuilder at work on occasion. It completely levels the playing field between those with athletic ability and those without. I will let you guess which of those categories I fall into.


  1. Breastfeeding Jack in PUBLIC at the STATE FAIR last year. It was awful. I could not find a private place to do it. It was like 150 degrees. I sat down at a bench by myself and covered us with a blanket. 5 minutes into it, an elderly man came and sat down 2 feet from me on the same bench. Poor man. I bet he got more than he bargained for that day.

  2. Sherry's comment is hilarious! I had to feed Laura Beth (3 months old ish) at the JFK Observatory museum building in Dallas. We were on vacay and feeding time crept up. There is no place in that WHOLE building that is private. Steve, my sister and brother in law stood in front of me facing away to try to "hide" me. It was hilarious. Luckily I had my "hooter hider" (That's what its called, no lie).

  3. "hooter hider" hehe, I'm gonna have to remember that one! we feed on the go ALL the time, so... while feeding cows on a mule, on school field trips, at Darcy's school, during deer surveys... the list goes on!

  4. Backseat of the car in the Target parking lot. Oh, and had to breastfeed him at Children's Hospital once at 5 days old (they thought he was jaundiced). Oh and at the park when we were on a walk one day and he lost his diaper.

  5. Literally, bf-ing in front of the Lincoln Memorial in DC. I was visiting a friend and the restaurant's bathroom (I know, I know, but our dinner party was ALL single guys and I'm not THAT much of a lactivist) had no AC and Carly couldn't eat. So we were walking around later and she was losing. her. mind....and yeah. Right there. =)

  6. Hahaha! I should probably clarify that I was feeding him green beans and rice, lest anyone think the Sunday school teacher was raising the eyebrows of high school students!


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