Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am not a clipper of the coupons. I enjoy using coupons and codes that fall in my lap, but I rarely seek them out. This will sound overly dramatic, but I really just do not have it in me by the time I drive 2 hours round trip and work a 9 hour day. But that's just me.
And lo, there was Amazon Mom. Amazing, wonderful, schedule my orders, deliver to my doorstep, give me a discount, don't make me dig for it, clouds parting, birds singing Amazon Mom.

By implementing their Subscribe & Save feature, I receive 30% off of the little mister's unmentionables. That means I have a standing order for 156 size 3 Huggies Snug & Dry diapers each month. I no longer schlep a big 'ol box of disposable tightie whities from the Big Box Discount Store in addition to my other groceries.

And really? I am too tired to load that much stuff into the car + baby.

Instead, diapers automatically ship on the 18th of every month. Amazon sends an e-mail informing me that order ship time has come 'round again and allows the option of canceling. Within that communication comes notification in case of a price increase. I have canceled before (when we moved from size 2 to 3) without penalty. If I need an extra shipment, I can request an off cycle. So far, it's been a free and flexible subscription service.

Recently as I was exploring, I came to the (overly excited) realization that I can Subscribe & Save other items as well. Every time I turn around I find some other staple to eliminate from my grocery list. First, it was laundry detergent (Tide HE, FYI), next TP. That's right, our Charmin Ultra is delivered directly to the doorstep. By "subscribing," I received 15% off of those products, plus they ship for free.

An additional household benefit is that by joining and ordering, you qualify for a free Amazon Prime membership by spending a certain amount on baby products. My standing diaper order alone qualifies us each month, which means any item stocked by Amazon ships for free. No more trying to finagle a $25 order just to qualify for free shipping. (Am I the only who does this?) And if you live in Texas, you don't pay sales tax on items off of Amazon since they don't have a storefront here.

{So to those of you keeping count at home, yes, that's one more reason to live in the Lone Star State.}

Amazon is not compensating me for this fabulous review. I simply got tired of having all that stuff in my grocery buggy + I enjoy tracking shipped items on the internet.

My guess is you feel the same way.


  1. I totally feel the same way - love Amazon Mom.

  2. Yes yes yes!!! We live in the middle of freaking nowhere and the closest discount store is WalMart where I WON'T go but even then it's 20 miles away. So I ordered my Method minty window cleaner, my Tide Original (we don't have HE), all the paper stuff, etc etc... Funny though I accidentally ordered a box of SIX window cleaners...to be delivered each month. Ooooops. =) Fixed it though! GREAT find - love Amazon!!!

  3. Love it too, great for when you live an hour from town!

  4. I've been meaning to review this for a while. I know before I signed up I assumed it was a paid service so I wanted to let ladies know how flexible it truly is! And for free!

    D, I knew you would love it out where you live.


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