Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yep, We're Still Here.

I made chocolate mustaches to give out to guests who came to visit us in the hospital and at home. They had a cute little tag that read, "It's a boy! JMG," that hopefully I have a pic of floating around here somewhere. That project was the weekend before this cute little guy was born when I was looking for anything and everything to keep my mind occupied, if you know what I mean.

As the title says, we're still here! I am having so much fun being the mother of this great little boy and am soaking up every second of my 12 week maternity leave. What a blessing it is to have off this much time with my boy. Tomorrow we're heading up to my office to show him off and give me a little dose of reality, I think. But until May 26, I am loving the life of stay at home mom. Sleep 'til 7? I believe I will! Lunch with friends? What time should I be there? Grocery shopping with no line? Thank you very much! I've targeted the trouble spots in my home and have already organized the pantry and linen closet, so now I'm on to the laundry room, master closet, and I keep eyeballing the garage.

I know! Crazy!

But you didn't come here to read about my post-partum nesting. On to the boy! He's awesome. Seriously, just awesome. Even his crying and waking in the night is awesome to me. I'm using that quiet time to thank God for him and pray over him.

And he doesn't hate bathtime anymore. Oh no sirree! He is very content now in the water and just talks to me so sweetly during that time. It is amazing how quickly they learn and adjust to things. He's even opening his mouth for a bottle as soon as I place the burp rag under his chin. Genius!

One quick funny grandparent conversation here, and I'm off to bed.

Me: I'm thinking of putting Jack in the church nursery tomorrow. Don't you think that's okay? {Jack was 4 weeks old that day.}

Mom: I don't know...let me ask your dad what he thinks.

(Dad talking in the background)

Mom: Your dad says 6 weeks.

Me: When did you put us in the nursery?

Mom: Well, let's see. I had Drew on a Monday and played the organ at church that next Sunday. week old.

Me: So it's good enough for your kid to go at a week, but your grandkid has to wait until 6 weeks?

Mom: Yep!

Me: (slightly offended) He's totally going to the nursery tomorrow.

I had no idea grandparents were so crazy about their grandkids.


  1. He is so cute! I have been nesting way more on maternity leave than I did before he was here, too. Last week I tackled the master bedroom closet (where oh where does all the junk come from???) and next up I need to get photo albums done. That one is a bit intimidating to me, though.

    Keep posting pictures!

  2. It's only the beginning of the crazy grandparent advice! Nothing will be the same as when they raised you! I'm glad you're having so much fun on your time off with him!

  3. I love the mustache picture!


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