Monday, April 25, 2011

Jack's First Easter

Our very first {acceptable for public viewing} photo as a family of three.

Jack's {suh-weet!} Easter sailor suit.

For Jack's first Easter, we attended our church's early service and Sunday school, then headed to my parents' house for lunch. My mother's brother and sister and their families were able to make it, which was so fun! It reminded me of old family Easter lunches with one exception--no egg hunt since Jack is a bit too small. Maybe next year?

My aunt made her dee-lish homemade potato salad for the first time in years. Sweet mercy. I had a second helping for supper last night before we drove home. I should've confiscated all the leftovers and brought them back with me--so good.

I just want to hang on to these memories. My tiny boy. A pale blue sailor suit and tiny white shoes. His dad reminding me to stop and take a photo even though we're running late. The blessing of his good health. The blessing of HIM. My silent prayers during the service for his salvation. Comparing my love for my son to God's love for His Son. Overwhelmed and changed.


  1. Great pictures! I love his outfit...and yours too!

  2. He is so cute. So much to be thankful for this year, right? It's awe-inspiring.


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