Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh, Summer.

I know I'm not alone in feeling that with each passing year, the summertime flies just a little faster. I'm not entirely sure how it is already July, but I'm pretty confident that it has something to do with spending a week at camp with our students back in mid-June. We headed to Roach, Missouri on three charter buses to spend a week at Camp Windermere on the Lake of the Ozarks. It was a huge blessing to spend time with the Lord, hang out with high school students, be off work, and soak up some Vitamin D on the lake. {Although, I think I am still catching up on my sleep 4 weeks later.}

A few weekends ago, I was so happy to spend part of my weekend in College Station catching up with some college girlfriends and their babies. It was such a sweet time with lots and lots of little girls. It's so fun to visit College Station with them living there--it's such a different dynamic than when we were going to school. I love it.

This week I'm wiped out from a visit to Santa Monica celebrating our wedding anniversary, and hopefully at some point I will recover enough to upload pics. Pacific time always gets me that way.

When we haven't been traveling, we've been working quite a bit which has prolonged my updates. I'll leave you with one picture I snagged of my dear Mr. Gentry from Facebook. Someone had a good time at camp! His rec team was the Underdogs, and you should notice the precisely engineered duct tape "U" on his shirt. That's my man.

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  1. great picture! hope to see yall around the hood sometime ;)


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