Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Couch and Compromise

My beloved red floral couch broke at some point back in September of last year. That set of living room furniture was my first grown-up non-secondhand purchase of furniture. I shopped for approximately 1 minute for them as my mom had seen the set in a store window in my hometown and was convinced I would love them. She was correct.

During our engagement, when the time came to decide whose stuff would stay and whose would go, Brad begrudgingly agreed that we would keep my living room set and store his beige couch until such a time that we had room for it again. (I also talked him into giving up one of those poofy La-z-boy recliners. Thank goodness!) I heard more comments about my beautiful and girly floral couches in that first year of marriage--enough that I would not have been shocked had they mysteriously broken in that duration. But after a while, he conformed.

And since I loved them, I didn't really pay much attention.

When it broke, I was in the middle of a project at work and had little time to shop for a replacement. We would occasionally stop into a furniture store and look around, but I found nothing that did it for me. Also, I had something very specific in mind, so that didn't help matters much. (Picky? Me? Never!)

Finally life calmed down a little in April, and I picked a "New Couch or Bust" weekend for us to finally pick out a new one. We finally decided that since we couldn't find a ready-made one we'd just have one custom made (which I was surprised to find is close in price to a ready-made one.) We walked into a store with over 300 fabrics to choose from, which was a recipe for disaster with too many choices and none that were what either of us had in mind. We walked out of that place, calmed down a bit, and drove to the next place where they had exactly the fabric I wanted, and exactly the style I was looking for--houndstooth and a traditional camelback.

So while I still haven't gotten around to downloading our vacation pictures, I did find some pictures of our new couch on my hard drive. It really changed up the living area. I love them, and Brad is satisfied with their comfort.

In my book, that's a win-win.

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