Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So there I was, meeting Beth Moore and all.

Thursday night I saw a post on the Living Proof Ministries blog that Beth would be doing a book signing with...wait for it...Francine Rivers!

Being a veteran of such book signings (okay, one book signing), I called ahead to see if they were distributing tickets or if I would have to wait it out in line. Yay for ticket distribution. Friday morning I ran by B&N to pick one up, and--blessed day--I managed to get Group A. So excited and no one to high five. That afternoon, I walked up at 3:35 PM and had met both ladies by 4 PM.

Beth was so kind and sweet. I told her how I felt I knew her from doing so many of her studies and reading her blog and what a pleasure it was to finally meet her in person {bet she never hears that one}. I must admit that I may or may not have repeated this two plus times. It was kind of a blur for me.

Beth and Me
Chatting with Beth's assistant who I knew from A&M and Camp Balcones Springs. Small world!

I also met Francine Rivers at the same time. She has a new book out titled Her Mother's Hope. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics, but she was so very kind. I very nearly compared how reading her page turner the Mark of the Lion series books kept me up as late as reading Twilight, but, praise God, the Lord helped me maintain my dignity.

I think book signings are one of my new favorite things.


  1. Book signings are your new thing. HA! I wish I was with you. Sounds exciting!

  2. Emily- so neat... wished i lived in a town big enough for book signings! What is her blog address??

  3. I love that it was such a great day for you!
    You look beautiful!

  4. Did you get Francine's new book? I can't wait to get it.

    I'm also planning to read the Mark of the Lion series this summer. can't wait. Read all of the others last summer.


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