Monday, March 15, 2010

Fresh from the Weekend Files.

{Thanks for your response on the CereVe post. I've had several people e-mail me to say what a fab product it was. You simply must try it!}

This weekend was such a blessing from the Lord--full of rest and relaxing. I've been on call for work, and last weekend that turned into quite a bit of work, so it was nice to not have much of a schedule.

We started off the weekend at Buttons, a soul food restaurant in FW, because I wanted some chicken and waffles. Unfortunately I thought the Buttons C&W was WAY overpriced, although it was delicious. There is another chicken and waffles place on the east side that I will have to try very soon and report back here.

My parents came in for a quick overnight visit since we haven't made it home in a while. After they left and we did a few things around the house, we loaded up our bikes and headed to the river. It was a gorgeous day in this part of Texas!

Sunday found us at worship, napping, and me spring cleaning the DVR. After about 8 episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project I now find myself shopping for a spring wardrobe consisting of mostly sequins. That might be a little much for the IT department. We'll see.


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend.

    You know what would be perfect for this weekend? I trip to the Woolleys :) You should hide in the truck.

    Oh, well. Hope you at least enjoy the night of quiet.

  2. Sounds like fun. Justin mentioned wanting a bike recently. I haven't ridden in years. Maybe we'll get some soon and join you and Brad on the river! :)

  3. Jenni, I had a quiet night of and chick flicks. Ahhhhhh....

    Kylene, you will also need one of those little trailer things for Brandon.

  4. Thanks for the post! I feel like I may have caught a bit of a gardening bug- I've spent the afternoon out in the yard weeding and cleaning out an overgrown bed! Ive been curious about Buttons and wanted to try it before we moved to Rockport-thanks for the review.


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