Monday, December 28, 2009

Gentry Family Christmas 2009

Could he be any cuter?

It was a different kind of Christmas for us this year. Because I am on call over the holiday, we stayed in FW until lunchtime on Christmas day. We had no choice since we were iced in. We tried going to the Christmas Eve service at our church and slipped and slid all over the road. After aborting that plan, we went back to the house where I whipped up a candlelit dinner of puffed pancakes (originally we had planned on eating out with friends.) The first attempt at leaving for Corsicana the next morning was at 9, but when we tried going up the hill to get out of our 'hood, the car slid straight back down. Hands down one of the scariest experiences of my life.

In the meantime, we played a lot of Rockband.

I don't have any pictures of me, but Brad got me some awesome boots. When I wore them to lunch on Christmas Day, my dad informed me that he had a pair like them in the 70s. He says they are called dingos. So even more awesome--I got dingos for Christmas.

My dingos are pictured below. When I started to get dressed for the photos Hailey made of us recently, I whined and complained casually mentioned that the boots I wanted for Christmas would be so much more amazing and fabulous much cuter with my outfit than those I was planning on wearing. Much to my surprise, B had already bought them and pulled them out to let me wear them. That's a good husband right there. After the shoot, he immediately hid them, and I hadn't seen them until now.

Yay, husband!

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  1. Steve and I have had an "ice accident" before. No fun! LOVE THOSE BOOTS!


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