Friday, December 4, 2009

And So They Fell in Love, Over Processed Sugar.

This time of year is so fun for me because these were the first months of dating for us back in good 'ol 2003. On one of our first times to hang out, we went to Wal-mart (the glamorous life!) and ended up purchasing white chocolate covered oreos. My husband LOVES these, and so every year we are very happy when we find them in store. It's become our family tradition to consume them at Christmas.

First you bite a hole in the shield that is the white chocolate.

Then you dunk.

The white chocolate holds all the milk in and your fingers don't get mushy chocolate cookie on them--a very clean and delicious way to eat oreos.


  1. yall are still the cutest couple in the whole wide world =)

  2. I love what a good sport Brad is...always letting you take pictures!

    You guys are adorable and crack me up!!

    I think it's time for Brad to plan a golf trip at Redstone, so you guys can come visit us!

  3. Aww, y'all are both too sweet.

    Brad is a VERY good sport, but don't tell him I said that. ;) I keep telling Brad that we need to hang out with y'all sometime!

  4. Brad.. Bring me some of them oreo's to backstage.

    Signed.. Steve


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