Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hiking Adam's Canyon

On my last day in Utah, my dear husband suggested we go hiking. Let me first say, "Hi, my name is Emily. I do not hike, and I do not like dirt. I prefer leisurely strolling in climate controlled shopping centers." But I knew it would make him so happy because, like most boys, he's into that kinda stuff, so I threw my hat in the ring for Wife of the Year.

He had done his research and decided that Adam's Canyon would be our destination for the day. After stopping by Del Taco for some jalapeno rings (YUM-O) and a gas station run for bottled water, we parked the car and got out for what was described to me as a "moderate hike."

At the trailhead, the path was immediately a steep incline. We could still see the neighborhood where our car was parked when I started asking, "how much further?"

After 3/4 a mile, it levelled out a bit, and we stopped so I could take a few pics. Of course, our stop had nothing to do with the fact that I was completely winded. Some senior citizens came by and pretty much made fun of us for resting so soon. After that, we saw some people trail running, so we decided that clearly we had not adjusted to the altitude and that must be why we were having such a tough time. My pics from there were worth the humiliation. Gorgeous!

Anyway, onward and upward. Finally the path took us back into the wooded area and up the side of the mountain. The sights and foliage were amazing. I tried to limit how many times I asked, "how much further?" unsuccessfully. Everyone we passed on the trail would say it was only 15 more minutes to the end.

Finally, I had reached my limit. I was actually scared to go any further. There was some climbing involved, and I'm not that graceful, nor can I pull myself up, and I was convinced I would fall off the ledge and die. So my knight-in-shining-armor did exactly what you would expect him to do: he left me right there, by myself, in the Utah Wilderness.

[insert huge fit right here]

I calmed down after about 15 minutes when I saw a little girl around 10 come hopping down the wall that I refused to climb, one-handed. ONE-HANDED. At that point I was all, "I will show Mr. Gentry who can climb a mountain!" And y'all, I climbed right on up, rounded a corner to find another huge ledge, got scared again but kept right on going. I even surprised my man who met me as he was coming back from the end.

He turned around with me, and we went back to discover a beautiful waterfall that trickled all the way down through Adam's Canyon. Here are some pics from the end.

Just call me nature girl.


  1. Don't you ever do that again. You could hurt yourself! :)

  2. Oh Mother. Now I remember why I'm such a chicken.


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