Sunday, November 22, 2009

He Makes the Impossible Possible.

I lost my engagement ring and
wedding ring this past week.

Thinking about it makes me want to throw up even now.

We were at a park having some family pictures made. We set up for a tossed leaf picture, and on three, we threw the leaves up in the air. As soon as we were done, I looked at my left hand which no longer had rings on it and said to my husband, the man who gave me these rings, "MY RINGS ARE NOT ON MY HAND. I HAVE LOST MY RINGS."

I am convinced that those must be the most feared words for any man who has worked and saved to buy his fair lady a beautiful, shiny diamond.

Immediately he told me, "DON'T MOVE."

I froze like a statue while he and our wonderfully talented photographer began canvassing the area that was covered in leaves and grass. Feeling dumb for not helping, I finally marked my spot with my scarf and tried to search between pleas like, "Lord, help us" and "I'm so sorry."

Within 5 minutes we had retraced my steps, and Brad found my engagement ring. SWEET RELIEF. Praising God for that HUGE MIRACLE, we set about looking for my wedding band. The sun was setting, and after a while we were unable to look any more. The "Citizens on Patrol" car in the burb we live in came rolling through the park, asking what we'd lost. He mentioned that he had metal detector, but it was too late for him to come back that night.

After a long night of me sobbing over my sweet little wedding band, that patient, kind, and wonderful man of mine went back to the park at first light with a flashlight. The thought of him out searching makes my heart melt even now.

Unfortunately, he did not find it.

A few hours later, our citizen on patrol and his wife met Brad back out at the park with metal detectors. After two more hours of searching, the wife glanced down and saw the sun bounce off of something in the grass. What was lost was absolutely found. If you saw this park and the ground they were searching, you would understand that what I am talking about is an absolute miracle.

I am absolutely convinced that God cares about even our small things. This was a moment--a tangible reminder to me--that He is GOOD and faithful in all things, whether the answer is yes or no. Praise His Name.

(P.S. My rings were insured for loss, but who wants replacement rings?)
(P.P.S. I love how our pictures turned out. Check them on Facebook.)


  1. Ohhhh so sweet...out there with a flashlight. And SO happy you found your rings!!!

  2. Oh my gosh...I would've freaked too!! So glad you found them!

  3. What a story!!! I am SO SO GLAD you found your rings!!!!

  4. I almost threw up for you, when I first read it.

    What a good man you have and I am SO thrilled that you found your rings. Your right, a replacement would never be the same.

    Although, the new one being twice the size might help comfort me in my loss. :)

  5. Wow, it sounds like the citizen on patrol guy and his wife need a nice Christmas present this year! Glad you found it! Love the pics, by the way.


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