Monday, October 12, 2009

Michael: Did you see this? It was on YouTube.

This clip makes me want to laugh, cry, and break it down all at the same time. Be glad that you're not in the room with me because I'm not gonna lie--it's not pretty. Is this not the best thing you've seen on TV in a long time?

I personally love how Michael Scott came down the aisle three times.


  1. Oh, I KNEW better than to watch that again while I'm at work. I'm all crying again. Can you imagine if you were that couple that originally did the dance down the aisle and one of the most popular shows on TV copied you?!?

  2. I watched it three times! We don't get The Office over here, but it really made me want to watch it. Also, sorry for Jeff bashing the Aggies. He does that sometimes :) That was a tough game.

  3. Hey Amy! It's okay for Jeff to splash his piggie love all over my comments. I guess the state of Arkansas needs something to brag about, right? I agree, it was definitely the WORST game ever.

    Can you stream The Office eps off of

  4. Allison, I know I would be SO EXCITED if that had been me! Hmm, now I feel the need to think of something cool to catch the eye of The Office writers.


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