Monday, October 19, 2009

Botanical Gardens

A couple of weekends ago, I took a little time out at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. At some point I plan on reading the manual on my DSLR, but for now I just shoot on auto with no flash.

This had me humming "The Yellow Rose of Texas" all afternoon.

Joke about the football Team all you want,
but Aggies know their horticulture. :)

Pink of perfection.

Is this not inviting for a Saturday stroll?



  1. Pretty pictures! What kind of camera do you have? We're about to start looking for a good new camera!

  2. You have the best necklaces. =)

  3. You are doing great on auto! I always love your pics!

    Venture out to AV mode next. It's a nice baby step to manual.

  4. Amanda, it's a Nikon D40. Just enough bells and whistles to be intimidating! :)


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