Friday, December 19, 2008

Just Like a Circus

You say I'm crazy?
I got your crazy.

--Britney Jean Spears, 2008

Britney has been on the pop music scene for 10 years, and for each of those 10 years I have been loving her music. Like everyone else, I watched with fascinated horror as her life began to fall apart, starting with the K-Fed nonsense and fast forwarding from there. At one point, I was sure that I would have to go to LA, somehow become her BFF, and help her get her life back on track. I'm thankful that her dad stepped in because how awkward would it have been to show up at her door and be like "I know you don't know me, but Girl, Adnan has got to go."

I haven't downloaded her entire new album yet, but "Womanizer" and "Circus" have been on my commute to work playlist for the past two-ish weeks almost on repeat. Loves it. And of course I watched Britney: For the Record. I thought the documentary was somewhat insightful, but kinda vague at times. In particular, I liked it when she balked at the interviewer calling her a victim of her fame. I got the impression that she thought it was a bit offensive to others to call herself a victim, when her trouble stemmed from being rich and famous. She's trying to turn things around, and I think she's going to do it.

(Another thought on the documentary--seriously, what is the deal with Madonna's face?)

The thinking part of my brain does not want to feel sorry for BJS, but I couldn't help but feel a slight twinge of sadness when I think about the fact that she can't go to the grocery store or walk through a mall without people mobbing her for a photo. Because of the fame, she can't ever just be. And how can she know if people are being genuine? I think that would get lonely. Without a doubt, there is definitely more to life than fame and fortune. She needs Jesus.

Perhaps I will pull a Bebo and write a song about it. Now you must confess--do you love Brit, too?

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  1. I don't have much to say about Britney. I do feel sorry for her that her troubles have been so highly publicized. I wouldn't wish that (fame/paparazi) for me or anyone I know. I like being a quiet, unknown teacher in good old Texas!


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