Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Weekend No. 3

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been intermittently taking vacation on Friday to use up my remaining days. This year I received a third week of vacation, and after rationing only two weeks for the past five years, it seems like I just had a whole lot of vacation days this year. No complaints from me--it has been lovely to have a day here and there of no expectation from anyone. That being said, I took Friday as a "me" day.

Friday evening, we left for Texarkana to have Christmas with Brad's family. (And when I say we left for Texarkana, we left a sparkling, spotless house. All gifts were wrapped. The laundry was completely done--even the special care stuff. Even the pile of clothes in the bedroom was conquered. Can you tell I am a wee bit proud of myself and my "me" day?)

Saturday half of Brad's family came to town for gift exchanging and lunch. Even Penny Lane got a present (from Brad's cousin, the veterinarian!) One gift I received was the Martha Stewart Cooking School book. On first glance it looks great--it teaches you "how to" do all sorts of things, like how to carve a turkey, roast a tenderloin, make a white sauce, etc. When I added it to my wish list I had no idea it had all the good information I'm seeing inside.

While we had a nice trip, we did make a sad visit by the hospital to see his grandfather. Thursday night he was admitted due to some chest pain. He had an angiogram Monday morning, and the prognosis was not favorable. He will not be having surgery, and for now, he is comfortable and resting. We would be so blessed if you would pray with us for Mr. Gentry and the rest of our family during this time.

After church and a lot of Mexican food, we helped do some cleaning at the Gentry grandparents' home to help get it ready for Mr. Gentry to come home from the hospital (he and the Mrs. are nearing their 90s). We headed west around 4 to be back for the two day work week.

I could get used to the two day work week.

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