Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To Do: Make To Do List

Another weekend has come and gone, and we are only 7 weekends away from 2009. I need someone to explain to me how time passes so much faster with age (or should I say maturity? That sounds better.) It seems like when I was younger, it took for-ev-er for Christmas to come, but now, I blink and I'm already packing the decorations up again, hoping that I will remember where I put what for next year. (I won't even begin to talk about how the season itself is so rushed by retailers.)

This past weekend was low key and wonderful. I had grand plans (check list in hand) to deep clean the house in preparation for the holiday season's guests and events, but it just didn't happen. And that's okay. I cleaned out at least one closet and a junk drawer, plus I did most of our laundry. As of Sunday night, I'm more than halfway done with my Christmas shopping. I also spent a therapeutic hour and a half aimlessly wandering an antique mall Saturday afternoon. My husband treated me out for dinner two nights in a row, and I spent Sunday afternoon lunching and exploring the square in Denton with Drew. These are good times.

Maybe next weekend I will make a to do list and stick with it. Then again, maybe not.

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