Wednesday, November 5, 2008

MNDN: Episode 4

Oh yes, we've made it four weeks in a row for a Monday Night Date Night. It's definitely in the tradition category at this point. Sunday, we had a little "discussion" over whether or not the previous Monday night counted as the night I planned. We both finally "agreed" that it did. He's a good man.

I have been running a bit late getting home from work because of, well, work. It's busy, and that's a good thing. By the time I got home, it was dark. Am I the only one that thinks the only thing good about fall back is that you get one extra hour of sleep? That is hardly enough to outweigh the other 6 months (or whathaveyou) that it's dark when you pull in the driveway each night. No thank you.

Anyway, moving on. We went to Razzoo's. Now before you say, "What kind of date is that?" I probably should state that our goal for MNDN is to try something we've not had before. Razzoo's falls in this category somewhat since I had it only once a long, long time ago.

So we got there and ordered some fried pickles to start our fabulous date on the pseudo-bayou. The food was okay (Brad definitely out-ordered me with shrimp wrapped with bacon and jalapeno--I had a salad). But the company was fantastic, and our waiter was one of the best we've ever had. (Shout out to D @ Razzoo's.)

It was nice to slow down, take our time, and talk about things not political. (Amen?) Thanks for a great night, BWG.

Here's one of my favorite old pics of us, since I didn't take one at Razzoo's.

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