Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weekend Update

It's Sunday morning, and I'm sitting in front of the tv watching some Dubai golf tournament. Brad is sitting beside me, trying to not crack the windows with his horrible cough. I feel bad for him, but seriously, he needs to turn down the cough volume.

I've enjoyed my 3 day weekend. I met my mom at Canton and had a lovely day shopping. She bought me a cute vintage apron for V-Day, and I bought two new pendants for necklaces (we'll see if I wear them, but they were so cute I had to have them), a canister set that looks fab in the space above my cabinets, and an antique ceiling tile that was probably mass manufactured in Mexico about a month ago. Oh well, it's painted the most perfect shade of red.

And in the name of low self-esteem, yesterday I went swimsuit shopping. That might be the chore I dread the most, with putting ice in the glasses for dinner (my mom and dad made me do this growing up, every night) coming in a close second. I think between the suits I picked out to try on and the others the salesgirl brought me, I tried on about 10 suits, and finally found one that was less worse than all the others. It was the most flattering although flattering is a term I use very loosely while referring to swimwear.

Seriously though, I tried on one Betsey Johnson suit, and Brad was like "what IS that?" It looked like something straight out of "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken." Does anyone remember that movie?

Anyway, hopefully we will be attending a Super Bowl party tonight, but if not, I'll probably be in bed early due to the anti-climactic Super Bowl that is likely to ensue. Oh well, at least we'll see history in the making, even if it does have a "*" next to it.


  1. very confused and ignorant non-football fan: why would the superbowl have an "*" next to it???

  2. No problem--the Patriots got caught video taping another team's coach's signals early on in the season. The NFL doesn't allow that--it's considered cheating. So now, even though they have a perfect record, they cheated early on. But I'm cheering for them anyway, because a guy I went to HS with plays for them or at least he's on the active roster. :)

  3. holy moses, who plays for them that we went to HS with? i'm also an ignorant when it comes to football these days, you know, with no tv...

  4. Billy Yates (who is also an Aggie, of course!) is a back up offensive lineman for the Patriots. There is an article in Sunday's Daily Sun about him and his pro football career if you interested!

  5. I totally know the swimsuit from Wild Hearts Can't be Broken!


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