Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Fave Five - The Random Edition

Today's Friday Fave is just random favorite things I'm enjoying this week. I feel like Oprah when I do these posts, with the greatest exception being that I'm not giving you all one of these to take home. (There are many other exceptions, but that is the one that affects you, Reader, the most.)

1. Alicia Keyes song "No One." As in "no one, no one, no wuh-uh-uh-uhn, can get in the way of what I'm feelin'." It's a great song about love, and I'm going to download it from iTunes next Tuesday. You can ask Brad why I am waiting until Tuesday.

2. A great new headband from White House Black Market, given to me by Laura at our gift exchange last night. It goes with probably over half of my wardrobe, so we will be seeing a lot of it.

3. The Mark of the Lion book series by Francine Rivers. I have read all 3 of them in the past 7 days. After a slow start in the first one, I couldn't put them down. I stayed up last Sunday 'til 2 AM finishing the second one. Hils, you would enjoy these books for many reasons, like their SPQR and Pax Romana references, oh and the wonderful storyline.

4. My red coat. It's keeping me nice and warm even though it's super cold outside. Someone very tall gave it to me last Christmas. Genius!

5. Getting new neighbors! Our neighborhood is beginning to erupt with people actually living there. (A street of empty houses is a little creepy.)


  1. Did Ashley make you read the Mark of the Lion series? They are amazing aren't they? I cried reading those books more than in any other books I've read! I'm glad you enjoyed them.

  2. Emily! I am just finished with #2 and I am going to go buy #3 this weekend!! I started reading them a couple of weeks ago....who knew we were reading them at the same time?! We could have had a book club, then we REALLY would have been Oprahclones.

  3. You know Ashley gave me those to read!!! So good!

  4. I am also a huge fan of the Mark of the Lion Series... SO good! Definitely my favorite books other than P&P!


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