Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Apples for Christmas

At this early stage of our marriage, we are still attempting to make it over the river and through the woods to both families at Christmastime. At the same time we like to celebrate Christmas between just the two of us so, every year we choose the best night of the week before we leave on the Christmas pilgrimage to celebrate Christmas. It's pretty much a Christmas date night. Due to other activities this week, tonight was that night!

After a fabulous fajita dinner for two at Los Vaqueros, we came home where our lovely tree greeted us in the window. And then, we exchanged presents. Brad got an iPod classic! Now that he's done with school, he has time for modern technology.

And as for me...well, I scored big time!

What could it be?

A MacBook!

My very own MacBook! Thank you Santa!

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