Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday in the Park

NorthPark, that is. And instead of thinking it was the 4th of July, you would think there are only 5 shopping days before Christmas because it was that crowded.

Today Drew and I ventured over to Big D, where the shopping is marvelous and people dress up to go to the mall. I read once that the "What Not to Wear" people were out and about in Dallas a few years ago, and that scared me into thinking that jeans and an old college t-shirt at the mall could equal public embarassment on cable tv, so I can understand why the Dallas folks dress up.

But I digress.

The mall was super crowded. And let me just tell you that you should expect an iPod for Christmas because everyone and their mama was in the Apple store buying iPods. We did some browsing, a little trying on, and finalized our Christmas list to send to our mama because she's ready to shop.

Right now I am blogging on Drew's new MacBook, and it is so cool I can hardly stand it. The pic above is courtesy of photobooth. I don't know if I could permanently make the switch though, but it is tempting, let me tell you! I just finished making Paula Deen's triple chocolate chip cookies for my husband who just walked in the door from school.  He has only one more trip to Austin, and he graduates on his last day of that trip!

Brad informs me that even though eggnog is out on the shelf and he loves it, he does not want to drink it until after Thanksgiving (side note: I don't drink eggnog. It is gross.)  Is anyone else completely set against NO CHRISTMAS until after Thanksgiving?  I mean, I'm not putting up my tree or anything!

I have no comment on the Aggies' performance today. Thank you.


  1. Found you through Big Momma. Your blog is so cute! What a cute couple you are!

  2. I'm dying to start decorating, but I think I will wait until Thanksgiving week. : ) In the meantime, I'm going to start some crafts. I think it will tide me over. : )

  3. We're going to Northpark when we're home next week. I can't wait - but I HATE that I have to dress up to go there. But, I'll still do it because it isn't worth the condescending stares. I do refuse to wear heels, though.

  4. Emily,

    I truly understand your NorthPark sentiments. Just yesterday Daniel and I headed over to NP to the movie theater and took a little stroll through the mall. I refuse to dress up for a trip to the mall so I wore cargo pants, a t-shirt and crocs! I don't know what's worse, NP or the Galleria.

  5. Since you are my thoughts on Christmas decorating. I can't listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. And I can't believe downtown FW put up the Christmas decorations LAST WEEK. I mean, we were still digesting the Halloween candy and then I see red shiny bows all over Downtown. It was kind of like when you don't take down your tree until February, but in reverse. I don't like it. And somehow it takes away from Thanksgiving, it's like we skip it all together, and I LOVE Thanksgiving--I want to take in every autumn day because they are just so wonderful, and somehow fast forwarding to Christmas feels like skipping fall and I LOVE Fall. Gosh this is long. Sorry.

  6. First of all, I think that people who dress up to go to the mall are tryign to prove something to themselves or others. Not sure what, but that'sow I justify Jeans and a tshirt. Second, I am not as embarrassed of A&M as I have been in weeks past. At least they showed up...

  7. One more thing... I need to confess that I am a closet Early-Christmas-Celebrator. I know. It's sad, but I do stop on KVIL and listen to a few Christmas songs before I see my mom's face in my head giving me the evil eye. I have not ut up decorations, but anything I can do in secret, you better believe I am doing!

  8. Ok, so I had NO idea you guys had a blog, but buckner just showed it to me! LOVE it! and i love this blog entry on northpark- hence the reason we now live in austin and not dallas :) Adding you guys to my favs right now! Congrats on brad finishing- aren't you so proud!


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