Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursdays in Cowtown

These are my Bible study girls! We are studying the Patriarchs as I said earlier, and it's really interesting. Right now we've gone back to when God first called Abram, and I'm learning so much about this "Bible story" that I never even realized was there. Take for example, Melchizedek. Have you studied him? If so, please leave me a comment because I'm interested! Where did he come from if he had no father or mother? (Heb. 7:3) What is the significance? A foreshadowing of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, who came to save us from sin? I am definitely going to do some more research!

Anyway, we are having a good time studying God's Word. His promises are a precious gift. Can't wait for this week's homework to see what God is going to show us!


  1. Hey Emily, I'd say you're heading in the right direction in regards to Melchizedek. I've studied it, but can't say that I've come to any solid conviction myself. Let me know what you conclude.

  2. Wow! What a great pic of all of us. How rare is that? Can't believe Joe was the photog :)

  3. Doug, thanks for the comment! He is certainly someone I have never read about, so it will be interesting to do some more research.

    Amy, I know...great pic! :)


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