Monday, October 8, 2007

Family, Food, Fellowship, & Football

And that, dear friends, was our weekend.

It seems like we had the quietest couple of days. Friday night we drove over to Southlake Town Square for a date night and some shopping. I bet you can guess who planned the date night...not Brad. But he definitely was a good sport. Is shopping a love language? It would have to be mine. I guess it's considered quality time.

Saturday, my parents brought my grandparents into town to see our house. For the most part though I think it was so the girls could go shopping. So we left Mr. G, my dad, and Pop with a freshly baked cake and lots of football and headed to the mall.

After church on Sunday, our whole SS class went to Babe's Chicken in Burleson. If it can be fried, they are frying it up at Babe's, and it is GOOD.

Brad worked all Sunday afternoon on homework. He has a midterm next weekend, and then there's the tiny matter of the master's report he has to write...only 8 more weeks! I think I will make him a countdown for the fridge.

And mark it down. This week the Aggies are leading the Big 12 South. We'll take it. Whoop!

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