Monday, August 10, 2015

A Monday Where I Have Our Meals Planned

I'm usually fairly reactionary for supper, rather than having everything planned throughout the week. I have any number of ingredients in the kitchen that could be used for whatever, but sometimes without a great plan, I get to 3:30 and just give up. That could mean anything from take out to a convenience meal.

This week though, I have quite a few things going on, several of them involving meal for others and appointments right before the supper hour, so it made sense to create a kitchen project plan.

Here I go.

Side note: A while back, Red Gold sent me a package of their tomatoes to try. I'm very brand loyal, so although I'd seen their products in the store, I stuck to my usual. The Red Gold had such sweet and rich tomato flavor! I've even used their tomatoes and green chilies (where that other product that rhymes with "hotel" is called for) with great success, most often in the Santa Fe Chicken below. This is not a paid ad--just hyped up on lycopene thanks to Red Gold's generosity.

Monday: Skinny Taste Santa Fe Chicken
This is my absolute favorite crock pot meal. Packed with flavor and protein and a great serving of veggies. We can eat on this for lunch throughout the week too, which is majorly preferred over a sandwich or Lean Cuisine.

Tuesday: Oh, Sweet Basil's Busy Day Casserole
I was looking for something different but easy this week when I came across this recipe. In the comments, most people remarked in one way or another that it was a hit at their dinner table. I like that it adds carrots since I'm always trying to get more veggies in to our meals.

Wednesday: Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake
I'm having my now-college-freshman Sunday school class over for one last hurrah before they depart for freshman year. They're arriving after the dinner hour, hence the dessert. Dad is loading up the little crew and taking them somewhere fun to eat and play. This recipe says it's a copycat of Nothing Bundt Cakes, but church cookbook has the same one. It's a classic!

Thursday: Chicken Tacos
We're taking a meal to a family that just had a baby, as well as hosting some friends, so I thought I'd stick with something that's hard to mess up! It's just chicken breasts in the crockpot with a jar of salsa over the top. A friend told me recently you can add some sour cream to take it up a notch. If I think about it, I may do exactly that.

Friday: DAY OFF
TGIF, ladies!

What's your favorite busy week meal for your family that doesn't come from a drive-thru? No judgment there--you gotta do what you've gotta do, and I'm thankful for drive-thrus way more often than maybe I should!

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