Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Us, Lately!

We've been busy the past few weeks during my unintended blog silence. Here's a little peek at what we've been up to!


Way, way back a month ago, we spent spring break at my parents' house. If you had told me when I was 16 that I would actually plan and enjoy a spring break in my hometown, I would've called you crazy. Yet that's exactly what we did. We played at the great community park (with a real retired fire truck that's been retrofitted for kids to crawl all over!), hung out with Sugar and Granddaddy, and ate snow cones. It was great!


Speaking of my parents, last weekend they treated us to Disney on ice last weekend. It was so much fun!

Side note: I often find myself telling Jack to stop making the exact same face I'm making in that family pic. I have been baffled until now on where he picked it up. Poor kid.


The first nice day with nothing on our calendar, we high-tailed it to the Fort Worth Zoo. They have an exhibit on right now called GIGANTABUGS which is quite like it sounds: gigantic replicas of bugs. Especially creepy ones are the scorpion and tarantula. The tarantula is hairy and probably as big as two mid-size SUVs. And they all move. {Shudder}

Not everyone appreciates a good selfie on the train.


I've still been going to Pure Barre religiously. Back during the Olympics, they were having a contest regarding social media check ins and attendance, so I was checking in on Facebook everyday. My friends were like "did you stop going?!?" Nope! I'm still there almost every day, but I only post sometimes. Right now I'm dying (exaggeration) over these blue Splits59 crops and waiting for my studio to get them in.


I cooked my first whole chicken using this recipe from Fort Worth Moms Blog. It reminded me of cooking a pot roast, once I got past the mental block of sticking my hand inside the chicken. Maybe I should stick to pot roast. The chicken was delicious though!


  1. That's a great selfie. Mine never look that good! I have been wanting to get to the FW Zoo for that exhibit, too.

    1. You should take your little guy. He will love it! I was probably the only one in my family who was all "YUCK" (and of course I kept that to myself.) The first one as you walk in by the flamingos is the grasshopper. He's really cool!

  2. Awesome family pic! I cannot bring myself to go to the Gigantabugs exhibit. Jason said the other day we have that same kind of exhibit on our back patio every night. :P

    1. If bugs give you the heebie jeebies, I might skip it. Seriously, the tarantula and scorpion are SO BIG. Ladybugs and butterflies--I'm good. But the others? NO THANKS.

  3. I love the gigantabugs. And more importantly the twins LOVE the exhibit. Especially the beetles. They just sit and stare at them in aweof them.

    1. You are a better boy mom than I am!!! I really could've done without the tarantula being SO big. And, I nearly left the zoo when I saw the scorpion. NO THANKS! :)


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