Sunday, January 19, 2014

Housekeeping! Reverting from Google+ Comments

Pardon this interruption for a little blogging about blogging. Back in the summer I had enabled Google+ comments. While I liked the look and feel and the idea of Google+ comments, I found that anonymous users were not able to leave comments, and some Readers weren't able to see them at all. I also was never able to set up comment notification to my e-mail inbox, and I relied on that before to know when someone had left a note!

In addition, I never fixed the problem in the code that would link the true Google+ comment count to what was displayed on the main page. That's why every post said '0 comments' even though if you clicked it, there was usually more than 1 comment. My two children don't particularly care to give me much time for debugging, and I let it go as long as I could stand it.

What all this means is that since I reverted back to native Blogger comments, any comment you may have left using Google+ has now disappeared. I know. It's sad. I love the community of ladies that leave notes/advice/fun info on here, and I'm sad to see those months gone. (All of your old comments prior to my switch this summer are still there.)

But it's a new day and now even you, my anonymous readers, can weigh in on whatever it is that I keep posting about. Please do. I love hearing from you!

Thank you so much for reading Being Mrs. Gentry. See you in the comments!


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with the google plus comments! It would never let me comment (or login to my g+ account) on your blog from my phone! I still have mine enabled on my blog and was able to get notifications from comments, but I always get a comment from myself!

  2. I thought some of my comments might have gotten lost--good to know as I still need to do some updating on my blog!


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