Sunday, March 6, 2011

More About the Boy.

We've finally gotten settled in at home, I think. From what I've been told, just about anytime you establish a schedule with a baby, the schedule changes, so I figure our schedule will change any day now.

My mom was with us from Monday when we came home from the hospital until Saturday, and she has taken care of all of us. I've had time to rest and regain my body "party of 1" legs, and she had time to love on my boy, all the while keeping my house in tip top shape for company. I won't be able to thank her enough. She even took the night shift with Jack!

Our church family has overwhelmed us with love. I think we are set with meals every night for two weeks. And, can I just say that the ladies in our church can cook! I never understood what a ministry taking a meal to someone who is just home from the hospital is until we were on the receiving end of it. What a great way to bless someone.

So on to my boy. He has been a wonderful baby so far. He's sweet and laid back, and sometimes he looks like me, while other times he looks like Brad. He may eat us out of house and home someday as he definitely inherited his dad's appetite! His most active time in the womb was from 10:30 PM to 2 AM, so it was no surprise that it was his most active time out of the womb for the first week. He's sleeping normal stretches of time during that period now (too bad I couldn't have taught him that while he was keeping me up prior to his birthday!)

He army crawled across our bed during his newborn pics on Thursday trying to get away from me. Clearly, he has inherited his dad's love of being photographed. On Friday and Saturday, we laid him down for tummy time, and he rolled over both times. He is a very determined boy. And I am having the time of my life getting to know his little personality! It's so humbling to think that God let me have any part in the miracle of Jack.

{insert post-partum joyfully teary eyes here.}

Everyday I feel a little more like myself. This morning Brad headed to church while I kept him by myself for the first time. I think we did pretty well. I was able to power on the video monitor, then get myself together (hair washed and all that), do a couple of loads of laundry, and make up two beds. Once Brad got home I took a nice long nap. So wonderful! I have a new pair of running shoes picked out, and I'm actually itching to get outside with the new stroller (probably cabin fever), so here's hoping this weather warms up soon!

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