Friday, May 7, 2010

Family Matters

Two weekends ago, we had strong storms come through our area. That night I checked, saw that there would be nothing but a thunderstorm warning along with some brilliant lightning, and went to bed to sleep peacefully. Little did I know that others in my family in Navarro County would soon be experiencing a hellish storm.

Around 1 AM that morning, my dad awoke to the windows in the house rattling. He went to the back glass door and watched as their entire patio (minus the grill and dog house) was blown completely off into the pasture some 50 yards away.

As day broke, they would find that much of their roof was destroyed. They live across the pasture from my grandparents whose home is nestled next to the woods. What is believed to be flat line winds felled many of the old, old trees surrounding their backyard.

After a text from my mom, we mobilized with some QuickTrip donuts and an ice chest full of diet cokes. And so the day became a family reunion of sorts as the self-proclaimed "Grape Creek Disaster Relief Team" converged on the farm.

I'm not often moved to tears, but when I went into my grandparents backyard, I was a little weepy praising God that He had protected my family.

The backyard.

This is a line of trees that were broken like twigs by the wind.

Big smile during break time.

An old oak completely uprooted on a house under construction.

Diet Coke Break.

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