Tuesday, September 29, 2009

At Home on the Farm

I know we're not the only people who experience this phenomenon--too much stuff to do and not enough weekends.

This past weekend was the first time since June that we've had a chance to get away and visit my family. As we looked through the fall calendar of events, I realized that we won't have a chance to get back until Thanksgiving. If you know me at all, you know that I'm a big time homebody (as in the-place-of-my-birth-home) so it's nuts to me that I've been away from home that long, but I guess its more of a testimony that I'm becoming an adult. (Sigh.) Fort Worth has become home for now.

All dramatics aside, we had a positively wonderful visit. I finished Twilight (again.) I ate breakfast and lunch and an afternoon snack all in my pajamas. It was glorious. At 3 PM, I managed to throw some decent clothes on just in time to get downtown Corsicana with my mom for a little antiquing. I even found a Halloween costume and saw an old friend's letter jacket for sale in the same store. Random.

Brad and my dad hunted in the morning, then took a break long enough to steal the TV from me and eat lunch, then went back out that afternoon. Boys and their toys--I'm thinking he had a good time.

Can you spot two men and a dog?

Thank you Mom and Dad. We had a great time, and so did Penny!


  1. What does it say that you found an old friend's letter jacket at an ANTIQUE store??? ;)

    On a related note, the kids here don't wear letter jackets. How weird is that? And don't EVEN try to explain homecoming mums here.

  2. Believe you me, I let the proprietor know (in a somewhat high pitched voice) that it was NOT an antique. He said it fell into the class 'collectible.' Whatevs.

  3. We are always happy to have y'all here anytime you can come. The farm is a great place to get away from it all!


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