Monday, July 6, 2009

We ♥ America!

These are the only two pictures I took:

Ashley and Coop by the orange illumination of the Home Depot sign.


We spent the early part of the 4th buying Brad some socks (no more holes!) and ditching the rec for Chick fil a. Later that night, we went southwest with the Cooks and Ericksons to Glen Rose where we ate at Loco Coyote. The Cooks introduced us to it a few weeks ago where they have the most delicious (and huge) chicken fried steaks, barbecue, chicken tenders, gravy, onion rings, and on and on and on. Definitely worth the drive.

From there, we started back towards town with a stop at the Home Depot parking lot in Granbury to watch the fireworks. The City of Granbury puts on a great show over the lake. The last time we were there on the 4th was while we were still dating. Fun memory.

As a nation, we are so blessed with a tradition of commitment to public service from our peace officers to our servicemen and women. They are out there everyday protecting our safety and freedom, whether on our neighborhood streets or in foreign lands. On the off chance that one of you might stumble across my blog, please accept my humble thanks for all that you do.

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