Sunday, April 26, 2009

What Then Shall We Wear?

Wow, it seems like it's been forever since I last posted (or 2 weeks, same thing.) We've been up to a lot of little things, so I'll just have to post about that another time.

But this weekend, my family came in to visit, and my mom attended the Ladies' Luncheon at my church with me. The theme of the morning was "What Then Shall We Wear?", and it included a wonderful talk about dressing your heart with time in God's Word each morning before you leave the house. The speaker was Debbie Skinner, and she did this beautiful watercolor painting while she spoke to us. Her analogy was that you wouldn't forget to dress yourself before going out in public, so why not remember to dress your heart before leaving your house. I thought she made a good point. This girl was convicted!

Along with the theme, the event organizers had a style show, and I was asked to be in it. Yes, I was a model for a day! The clothing came from a cute little boutique in Hurst called Machelle's that is owned by a sweet Christian lady (Machelle) and run by her and her mom. I had more fun trying on clothes--they just kept bringing more and more stuff! There were so many ladies in the show from all ages in our church. It was so funny to listen to all of us getting ready.

Photos are courtesy of Ashley. Here I am on the catwalk--haha! You can see
Debbie's setup behind me, with the video camera that filmed her painting.
I was the jeans girl!

My mom and my friends joined me at the models' table for the lunch
(which was delicious--chicken salad and crepes for dessert!) It was a fun morning!


  1. you go girl! looks like fun =)

  2. Did you get to keep the clothes?? That would be awesome!! Maybe you'll have to take me to the botique once I'm out of maternity clothes! :)


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