Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring + Weekend = Happiness

Wasn't the weather absolutely beautiful this past weekend? I am excited about spring, yet anticipating the one last freeze or snow we most likely will get.

Brad took some time to work in the yard on Saturday and get things ready before we replant our flowerbeds and fertilize the yard. Last year right after Easter everyone in the neighborhood got a sweet little threatening love note from the HOA administrator saying that we needed to take care of the weeds in our yard. He's already headed them off at the pass. Bring it on HOA! (I felt a little sorry for him while he was out there working and a lawn company pulled up across the street. They were in and out in about 30 minutes. Bless his heart.) He also planted two twigs trees in the backyard, so one day it won't look quite so much like a western prairie out there.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing one of our favorite pastimes--hanging out with friends. In particular on Friday night, one of the couples in our Sunday school class had a housewarming party. The husband has wired a media room with surround sound AND strobe lights that respond to loud noises. So when there is a loud BOOM in a boy movie, the lights flash, and I believe the seats are wired to vibrate as well. It was pretty much awesome. We had dinner on Saturday with friends from the newlyweds' class and lunch and dinner on Sunday with more friends from church (and I got to squeeze baby Cooper's sweet little legs on Sunday night!)

There is nothing I love so much than being surrounded by my friends, sharing a meal, and encouraging one another whether that is in our faith in the Lord, in being a wife, bargain shopper, home decorator, cook, or what have you. Reflecting on the past weekend, that's what I think the most fabulous weekends are about: living, loving, and apparently...eating!

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