Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Night Date Night

You know, we are Aggies, so pretty much anytime we do something more than once, we like to call it a tradition. That being said, tonight was our traditional Monday night date night (MNDN). What can I say, my husband loves me more than football. And I him.

Tonight we ventured down into the refurbished Montgomery Ward building (now Montgomery Plaza) for dinner at Brad's pick for MNDN, Mac's on 7th. In a word--delicious!!! For my meal, I ordered from the appetizer list the tamale with shrimp topped with some ridiculously tasty sauce, and Bradley had CFS with their macaroni and 7 heart attacks--I mean cheeses--on the side. Somehow we ended up with an order of onion rings. We cannot help but try onion rings wherever we go. I think we've eaten them on every anniversary at nearly every nice steak place in DFW. It's our "thing" I suppose. (FYI, we think Smith & Wollensky's are best, but they are closed in DFW, so Reata has taken the top spot for best ORs.)

Anyway, two very enthusiastic thumbs up for Mac's on 7th. Since it was his date night, Brad blew me away by topping it off with dessert--Halloween cupcakes from Bluebonnet Bakery. He's the sweetest!

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  1. Look at all these dates. Man! A Girl could get used to that!! I need to direct Justin to your blog and get his date ideas flowing! :)


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