Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Old Gray (or Silver) Mare

just ain't what she used to be.

I have had my car since I graduated from college. It is the first major purchase I ever made.

I moved out of my parents house for the last time in this car.
I drove it to my first day of work at my big girl job.
I roadtripped in it to several Aggie football games where I was glad to play the part of Former Student.
It has taken me to numerous dinners with the girls all over DFW.
I've shuttled all over Texas and the rest of the Southern US in it to watch my wonderful friends tie the knot.
I got stopped for speeding once in it.
I drove it to a party where I met my husband.
It made many trips to Fort Worth.
I drove it to the nail salon the day after he placed a shiny diamond on my finger.
And I drove it to the church on my wedding day, then home from the airport after the honeymoon.
We took it to the title company to sign the papers on our first home, much like we did to sign the lease on our first apartment.

By the immeasurable grace of God, I have safely driven it 170,000-ish miles since 2002 with only one minor incident that was self-inflicted at a gas station pump by yours truly (and only the car got hurt.)

And now, we are putting her out to pasture.

I got a little teary thinking about trading in my car this morning. Ridiculous, I know. But of course, it's not the car--it's the wonderful memories between where I was the day I bought it and where I am now. I am so blessed.

Off we go to pick up Our First Car.


  1. wow that's a ton of miles for an o2. I've got an 01 with 78,000. Keep writing, heather and i enjoy reading your blog! petro's

  2. Wow, 170,000 miles since 2002?


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Petro's!!! It's good to hear from you!

    Thanks for your comments, guys. I drive 80 miles round trip to work each day during the week, so the miles add up quickly.

  5. Emily - this is such a sweet post! I'm looking forward to seeing what new memories you get to make with whatever new shiny vehicle you and Brad buy. So fun!

  6. So...what'd you get?? How fun!!!



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