Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Look What the Postman Brought

My husband is officially a t.u. graduate with the sticker for his car to prove it. We would have burned it in the wild prairie fires that were only a few miles from our house today, but they were extinguished before we had the chance. (Thankfully, of course!) He finally got his diploma as well, so now we have to figure out how and where to hang it. Feel free to leave me some suggestions.

Rest assured, Aggie friends and family. This sticker will not be making a debut on any car of ours.

And this is off the subject, but is anyone excited about the LOST premiere on Thursday, besides us?


  1. Oh my gosh - SO EXCITED!!! I have been passing out with impatience waiting for some fresh new primetime drama! Yay!

    Verdict on the bars: they're ohhhkay. Paul completely knew there was something "weird" in there and then I showed him the photo which he said looks like alien brains (haha!)...we're going to try it out on Carly tomorrow!


  2. I keep forgetting about Lost. Please remind me again tomorrow!

  3. Allison & I can't wait for Lost. Have you seen the 8-minute recap on iTunes? It's very overwhelming, but worth downloading. (it's free!)

  4. From Kylene: Wahoo for LOST!! Too bad I have a stinky math night at school fron 6-8, so the DVR is all set and I have Friday night plans! It was good to see y'all Sunday. See ya soon!

  5. Hang it above the guest bath toilet. Sorry, but it is from t.u.

    Yes, I am very pumped about LOST tonight!

  6. maybe hang it in the closet, no offense brad, but i agree with sherry, it is from tu... and i have no idea what Lost even is... no tv!


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